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Billboards in East Ohio and West Pennsylvania

Genesis has excellent billboard locations in the Youngstown-Boardman, Ohio markets as well as Western Pennsylvania (New Castle, Monaca, Chippewa, and Pittsburgh). See all of our locations here.

Genesis has billboard structures of various sizes. The size of the sign face is usually determined by the actual sign site and its proximity to the passing traffic.

Some smaller signs are less expensive and can be a great value for advertisers with smaller budgets.

The large majority (over 90%) of Genesis Billboards have lights and are illuminated in the evening. Most illuminated boards have timers set for nightly illumination until 12 midnight. However, we can provide extended or all night illumination if requested for a nominal charge.

As of September, 2017, we offer digital boards in five locations.
The boards are: #15, #20, #21, #27, #38.


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